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    how to make your lipstick stick? No, today, I'm not going to blow you THE grandma's recipe for long-lasting lipstick. Let's take a break from the r...
  • Is the natural combination of plants the key to beautiful, soft and moisturized skin?

    Is this natural combination of plants the key to beautiful, soft and moisturized skin, are you shocked? Have you amassed dry, completely dehydrate...

    A SOLUTION? MOTHER GRANDMA'S TRICKS ! how-to-extend-the-lives-of-his-mascara We've all wanted, at some point, to go in with a trowel to extract the...
  • How do you choose your makeup?

    FULL BLUSH WITH Elo-Cosmetics! blush Melon satin I chose the blush Melon satin from Elo-Cosmetics for its rather atypical colour.Iridescent, even m...
  • How to safely nourish dry skin

    Mother Nature is incredibly generous in everything she provides us with. It's incredible. In fact, laboratories are inspired by it. She provides us with an abundance of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish our bodies so that we can enjoy a long and healthy life.
  • We installed hidden cameras to discover the secret habits of naturally beautiful people.

    Have you ever known anyone who was naturally beautiful?

    benefits of anti-aging night cream
    Someone who can eat what they want and still look amazing?

    How do they do it?

    To find out, a team of researchers has installed hidden cameras in the homes of "naturally beautiful people"

    everyday life of a beautiful woman |

    We quickly discovered that these naturally beautiful and sexy people were NOT because she was:

    - Train more often
    - Forcing yourself to eat boring diet foods
    - Taking extreme diet pills
    - Or even spend less time on the couch...

    Turns out... naturally beautiful people do exactly the same things as the rest of us.
    But they do these things slightly differently...