What is Vegan Makeup?

Vegan makeup is referred to as makeup or cosmetic products that do not contain any ingredient made from animals or extracted from animals.

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What is Cruelty-Free Makeup?

Cruelty free makeup means that the makeup or cosmetics products or any ingredient present in the cosmetics have not been tested on animals.

Now the question is whether Vegan Makeup is also cruelty free? No, Vegan Makeup does not necessarily mean that it will be cruelty free. It may or may not be cruelty free. A makeup product may be entirely made from ingredients that are not extracted from animals but maybe tested on animals. On the other hand, some Makeup brands claim to be Vegan and Cruelty free, which means that neither their products contain any animal by-product nor tested on animals.

There are several organizations, that register and issue certificates to products certifying that no animal testing has been done at any stage of the production of makeup or cosmetic products. “Leaping Bunny Program” is one of the programs that issue certificates to the beauty and health care products certifying that no animal testing has been carried out at any stage of production. On the other hand, PETA’s “Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program” list companies that do not do animal testing. The listing comprises of two categories, one is the “animal test free” list and the other is the “animal test free and vegan” list.

Over the past few years, the demand for vegan makeup or cruelty free makeup has multiplied manifold. This is because of the awareness regarding the testing of makeup products on animals, which has, at times, adverse effects on them.

In order to know the evolution of vegan in the world of cosmetics, we have to look at the historical background of Vegan Cruelty-Free Makeup, how and what has led to the change in the world of cosmetics.

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Historical Background of Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup

Women have been using makeup since ancient times to enhance their beauty. Egyptian women use to wear makeup made up of copper and iron ore. To darken lips, women used Berries and to darken eyes, the cinders of consumed matches were used. Due to the lack of research, at times, they would use certain homemade beauty products that were harmful to the skin like lead, mercury, etc.

Over the time, through research, makeup cosmetics have now been manufactured in such a way that they are safe both for the skin as well as general health. Women have numerous cosmetics brands at their disposal these days with a wide range of texture, colors and purposes to choose from.

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what does vegan mean

Every day, beauty products have had animals by-products extracted from animal fats, claws, horns, crushed up bugs and much more for which animals were being slaughtered. The ingredients that are extracted from animals include collagen, keratin, carmine, elastin and many others. These by-products can be obtained from living or killed animals. The story does not just end here; these beauty products and cosmetics have been tested on animals to see any kind of reaction that may occur as a result of ingredients used in makeup or cosmetic products.

Images and videos of cosmetics being tested on animals in laboratories have gone viral that has shocked the general public. After the revelation of the animal cruelty, different social organizations and the general public have initiated the campaign against animal cruelty in the shape of testing of ingredients on animals. The general public and social organizations started demanding for alternative methods of testing as well as vegan makeup. As a result, many renowned cosmetic and makeup brands have given up using animal by-product ingredients as well as testing of ingredients on animals in their cosmetics and makeup products. We should be thankful for the growing media, especially social media, that have revealed this animal cruelty to the general public.

These measures against cruelty to animals 

Realizing the sensitivity of the matter, many nations have amended their legislation, and some have developed legislation that bans or limits animal testing. European Union (EU) has banned animal testing of finished goods in 2004 and in 2009, the EU has proscribed toxicity testing on animals. Moreover, importing cosmetics from countries where animal testing is still carried out has been banned by the EU. These steps against animal cruelty have widely been appreciated by other nations and have compelled the cosmetics and makeup industry to start manufacturing cruelty free vegan cosmetics.

It is due to these reasons that awareness among cosmetics consumers has widespread and the demand for Vegan and Cruelty-free makeup and cosmetic products is increasing day by day.


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