How do you choose your makeup? – Elo Cosmetics

How do you choose your makeup?

FULL BLUSH WITH Elo-Cosmetics!

blush Melon satin

blush Melon satin - Elo Cosmetics
I chose the blush Melon satin from Elo-Cosmetics for its rather atypical colour.
Iridescent, even metallic, this blush is in cool tones and gives depth to the eyes. However, the shades of old pink that stand out from this blush give the eyelid a lot of light.
Its colour varies according to the light: pink, grey, brown.
This blush is self-sufficient or can be combined very well with a black eye shadow in the outer corner of the eye.
It can be used in a natural way or intensified for a stronger make-up.
It is suitable for all eyes, whether blue, green or brown.

blush Soft Contour matte

blush Soft Contour matte is a highly pigmented blush and does not powder below the eye. Its colour is warm: gold and bronze reflections. As with all shadows at Elo-Cosmetics, it holds perfectly. This blush is highlighted with a black blush in the outer corner of the eye.

blush Mocha matte

blush Mocha matte - Elo Cosmetics

blush Mocha matte is a hyper-pigmented brown blush with touches of bronze, its hold is perfect. Although matt, it is easy to work with and it is very easy to fade with another shade. The blush Mocha matte married with the All that glitters blush goes very well with all eyes.

blush Creamy Peach matte

After seeing the quality of Elo-Cosmetics shadows compared to anything I had tried before, I bought 2 new shadows that go very well together: blush Creamy Peach matte and blush Mocha matte .

blush Creamy Peach matte

blush Creamy Peach matte - Elo Cosmetics
The blush Creamy Peach matte is really very bright. It is iridescent but does not contain glitter which makes it a very refined make-up.
It works well and has an excellent hold.
It can be worn alone, it is indeed sufficient by itself as it illuminates the eyes.
It can also be combined with a brown, bronze or black blush.
Personally, I associated it with blush Mocha matte.

blush Utopia Orange satin

blush Utopia Orange satin - Elo Cosmetics
Eyeshadow Elo-Cosmetics blush Utopia Orange satin, coil colour (i.e. frosted bronze). It is a very original creamy eye shadow with a shiny finish. I apply it with my fingers because otherwise the cream doesn't spread well. It brightens the eyes!


A luminous look in five minutes

1/ I always start with an eye base that will make the colour of the shadows more intense. Any quality base will do. At the moment I alternate between the Elo-Cosmetics base and the one I use.

2/ I put a light matte colour on the whole mobile eyelid.

3/ I accentuate only the outer corner of the eye with a more intense color by insisting on the eyelid bone.

4/ With a light and luminous iridescent eyeshadow (example blush Creamy Peach matte from Elo-Cosmetics but any luminous light eyeshadow will do), I bring a touch of light in the middle of the mobile eyelid to brighten the look.

5/ I blur the whole thing with a matte light shade on the eyebrow arch.

6/ With a white or beige pencil, I personally prefer beige because it is more discreet, I apply it on the lower mucous membrane of the eye and in the outer corner of the eye. I opt for the beige champagne blush Off White Madness matte from Elo Cosmetics.

blush Off White Madness matte - Elo Cosmetics

blush Radical Violet matte

blush Radical Violet matte - Elo Cosmetics

is a kind of purple/mauve. Like all Elo-Cosmetics shadows, it is highly pigmented and can be worked very well with a brush. It is not iridescent but the colour is intense.