Want to know more about the star cosmetic molecule of the moment?

The one everyone talks about and that we have, from the moment we are born in our body? Hyaluronic acid of course!
Skineance reveals its secrets and its benefits for a radiant youth!

Naturally present in the body, mainly in the epidermis, hyaluronic acid plays an essential role in the hydration of the skin and helps maintain its tone. This molecule is in fact an integral part of the cutaneous mattress and gives it its plump, plump appearance.
However, starting in our thirties, the natural reserve of hyaluronic acid in our body begins to diminish, our skin begins to age, and its support capacity is increasingly weak. It is even estimated that around the age of 50, the body has lost more than half of its hyaluronic acid reserves!


Called nature's moisturizer, hyaluronic acid is one of the most hydrophilic molecules: it can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water in skin cells, giving our skin radiance and youthfulness. This is why this molecule has become a must for the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, who incorporate it into their skin care products to restore volume and bounce to mature skin.

Younger, plumped up, rebounded skin: here are some of the benefits that this miracle molecule can bring!

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Originally, hyaluronic acid was extracted from rooster crowns, but its animal origin was soon controversial. In addition, the cost was exorbitant.
Today, hyaluronic acid is synthesized in the laboratory. Scientists are capable of reproducing an exact copy of the hyaluronic acid found in human body tissues.

Where is it found?

In injections, in aesthetic medicine.
They are very effective in filling wrinkles and redrawing the volume of the face.
In cosmetics in creams, serums, ampoules or masks.
Most cosmetic brands today have their hyaluronic acid range. It is the new flagship active ingredient! As the technology improves over the years, it is no longer necessary to miss it. Beware it is not an anti-wrinkle, but rather an excellent moisturizer. The skin feels like it's gorged with water, so it's plumped up, supple and younger-looking!
In food complement: gélules or tablets.
Ingested in the form of food supplement, the hyaluronic acid will not act any more from the outside on the fillings of the wrinkles as in aesthetic surgery or via cosmetics but, it will rather bring to the body its daily dose of hyaluronic acid by palliating its deficit. In the long term, it will revive the skin's radiance and allow it to regain its lost elasticity.

Good for the skin but not only!

Since the advantage of this molecule is that it retains water in the cells to prevent them from drying out and thus aging, the cosmetics industry has also developed a whole series of hyaluronic acid hair care products, which are also in great need of hydration.
Integrated into these hair care products - shampoo, serum, mask - hyaluronic acid helps to strengthen the external envelope of the hair, which is particularly beneficial for brittle, dry or damaged hair, or for hair that undergoes daily blow dryers or straightening irons!
The hair comes out reinforced, softer, shinier, more beautiful.

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