how to make your lipstick stick?

liquid lipstick red

No, today, I'm not going to blow you THE grandma's recipe for long-lasting lipstick.

Let's take a break from the recipe...I think the hair quiche from last time got the better of me.

So, why am I talking to you about lipstick in the middle of the week while others are making chocolate cakes?

Well, who says confinement, doesn't necessarily mean pajamas, firecracker hair and green olive complexion.

No, no, no, I'm forcing myself to get dressed, get my hair done, and walk out of the house with my certificate.

Besides, I have to admit that this is the first time in my life that I'm taking my passport down the garbage cans...

After looking at all the puns, puns and jokes on Facebook about the health crisis we're going through, I told myself that I had to do something useful: "put on lipstick". 😉

And, most importantly, make it stick.
So there you go, I won't take very long and I'll get to the point.

We offer you a lipstick base.

The friends offer a little jewel, a book, a body care to the limit...but not a liquid lipstick! 😉

As you will see, on the picture below, it looks like a lipstick, but thinner, with a tip that is colored according to your taste on the lips.

liquid-lipstick All Natural

This product of the brand Elo-Cosmetics is known to smooth the lips and allow a better hold is the liquid lipstick.

It is one of the effective products in my beauty kit.

In two words: "it works!".

This base works: it smoothes well the small wrinkles and roughness that we can have on our lips.

It greatly prolongs the hold of the lipstick. Indeed, no touch-up is necessary during the day.

Finally, lips are softer and look better moisturized.

liquid-lipstick red

For more mature women, this base is known to prevent the traditional lipstick from running into the fine lines we may have around the mouth.

If I tell you about it, today, it is because the Elo-Cosmetics website has multiplied the discounts, we currently offer for example the purchase of two liquid lipstick you have 15% for the totality of the two products and the more you take the better it is! It's time to fill your makeup kit with healthy products.

Then, of course, you have to buy a liquid lipstick (I must admit that it didn't cause me any conscience problem...even if I already own a regiment of them, considering the price, it would be a shame to miss it!)

On the other hand, it's the first time such an offer has been put in place on the whole site.

Take advantage of the offer click on the image below to be on the liquid lipstick collection of Elo-Cosmetics!

liquid lipstick