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We've all wanted, at some point, to go in with a trowel to extract the mascara that remains at the bottom of the tube and that dries inexorably with each use.

Sometimes you have to decide to throw away the tube because the application becomes difficult, unpleasant, the mascara starts to crumble, which can in the course of the day make you look like a tired (and nauseous) panda. The brush does not lengthen any more, does not bring any more volume...

The mascara gives up the soul!

But before getting rid of it, I try to give it a second youth by lengthening its life by several days, or even more...

And it works !

1) Closing !
First of all, to prolong the life of your mascara, it is imperative to always close the tube and to remember to regularly clean the top of the tube (the part on which the cap is screwed) because a black surface accumulates with each use, making the closure of the product less airtight.

oil-sweet almond-oil-in-mascara

2) Cleaning!
It is wise, from time to time, (or at least when you see that the brush starts to change head and you hesitate to put it on your eyes), to clean your brush to remove all the dry mascara that has accumulated and that no longer allows an efficient action of the brush.

To clean delicately with hot water.

3) Organic sweet almond oil
By adding in the tube 2, 3 drops of sweet almond oil, I managed to recover my mascara which was effective again and this for several days (time to buy a new one!).

This solution is still some troubleshooting and then you have to buy a new one because mascaras that are too old develop bacteria more easily (beware danger!).

That's it, that was my new section: the tips of a great mother!

I hope you like it ;)