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Vegan labels: Who will you trust?

Vegan decorative labels: Who will you trust?

  1. The Vegan Society tag: This tag, made in 1944, is the global benchmark for vegan products (not just makeup ).
  2. PETA's Vegan & Cruelty Free tag, issued from the famed organization that combats creature violence.
  3. The Vegan Certified tag, issued from the Vegan Awareness Foundation better Called Vegan Action.

All three guarantee the lack of animal testing in any way phases of the production process, whether the manufacturer or with a third party, and prohibit any part of animal origin at the makeup of the merchandise.

PETA's Cruelty Free label
The PETA tag is reputed to be the funniest

It goes to each of the goods of this brand, which isn't true for the Vegan Society or Vegan Certified Documents.
These vegan labels should be discerned from organic labels in addition to Cruelty Free labels, which merely certify that the goods aren't tested on animals. The most common will be the Cruelty Free tag from PETA, the Leaping Bunny tag along with the One Voice tag.

Caution In the absence of a label

A decorative may nonetheless be vegan if it doesn't contain components of animal origin in its own makeup and isn't tested on animals.
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