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glitter Amber

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glitter Amber

The mineral star dust can be used on lips, nails, body or eyes to glamify yourself. It is developed to be very fine for safer usage when being applied.

Made in Canada, the powders are of high quality and free of haze and bubbles.

A treat for your kit! Amber Glitter adds a glittery shine to eyes, lips and body art. Change your standard black winged lining to dazzling gold, or tap the center of your lips for a shaded effect! Applies easily for everyday use. Try them on!

Our glitter are high quality, fashionable, inexpensive and of course approved against animal cruelty. Based on consumer feedback and desires, our product development team strives to create the innovation that the beauty industry has yet to see on a daily basis. Elo-Cosmetics' mission would be to equip everyone with excellent professional cosmetic products without having to break their piggy banks.

Formulated in Canada, shipped worldwide

Instructions for use of Amber glitter:

To avoid staining the nail bed, start with a thin layer of transparent acrylic powder, file and shape - this creates a good base for creating your design on

Colored acrylic powder - resistant powders so there is no need to style, although we recommend using them as design powders so you don't have to use as much product.

Acrylic glitter / sparkle powder - use it as a design powder and make sure you style with clear so you don't file away the glitter!


Polyethylene Terephthalate, Acrylates Copolymer, Blue 15 [CI 74160], Yellow 83 [CI 21108], Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polyurethane-33, Red 122 [CI 73915], Yellow 110 [CI 56280], Aluminum [CI 77000], Yellow 83 [CI 21108], Aluminum [CI 77000], Black 7 [CI 77266], Red 122 [CI 73915], Aluminum [CI 77000]

Net weight

of 0.17 US oz / 5g
Made in Canada via a cruelty-free lab.